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    If you are pregnant when you had not planned to be it can be a very uncertain time.

    If you think you may be pregnant, or are worried that you may be pregnant, you need to confirm it.  This can be done by a home pregnancy test or by seeing a doctor for a blood test and physical examination.  Early symptoms of pregnancy include breast sensitivity, nausea, frequent urination and fatigue, as well as missing your period. The pregnancy gestation is calculated from the first day of your last period. 

    If your pregnancy is confirmed, you need to start thinking about your options.

    With any unplanned pregnancy there are three choices available to consider:



    Be aware that this is a time-sensitive decision, and depending on how far along your pregnancy is, you may need to decide quite quickly if you want to have an abortion.  The location, availability, and cost of having an abortion change as the gestation of a pregnancy increases. 



    You may be thinking about continuing with the pregnancy and placing the child for adoption.  An adoption order can only take place after the child is born.



    Continuing with the pregnancy and choosing to parent is the option chosen by around half of women experiencing unplanned pregnancy.


     For some women the decision will be clear, while for others it may be a difficult choice to make.

    This section explores your pregnancy options and provides helpful information around making a decision. 

    If you are not pregnant it is important to think about your future contraception use.  

    Page last modified on: Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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