• A list of termination of pregnancy (abortion) providers in Queensland is below. Please note that although we do our best to ensure accuracy, clinic prices and services may vary. It is important to contact the clinics directly or Children by Choice for up to date information.  
    *If you are under 16, additional conditions may apply at clinics. Please contact us for information.


    If you're interstate, you can find details of your closest abortion providers here.

    Abortion providers in Brisbane

    Dr Marie Campbell Street
    Dr Marie Bowen Hills
    8 Campbell Street
    Bowen Hills QLD 4006
    Surgical abortions only
    Telephone: 1300 003 707


    Dr Marie Woolloongabba

    18/8 Catherine St, Woolloongabba, Qld 4102
    Medication abortion only, to 9 weeks gestation.
    Telephone: 1300 003 707 available 24/7 


    Good Health Medical Centre

    Shop 9, Homemaker City

    1290 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt 4122

    07 3349 9911

    Medication abortion up to 9 weeks gestation by a qualified GP obstetrician, inncluding counselling, in-house blood test, referral to a bulk billing ultrasound scan, follow up appointment(s), and Mirena or Implanon insertion.  


    Greenslopes Day Surgery

    687 Logan Road
    Greenslopes QLD 4120
    Surgical abortions performed to 17 weeks, medical abortion to 7 weeks.
    *Pathology on site
    Operating Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.
    Telephone: 1800 802 562


    Options Clinic Spring Hill

    1st Floor, 383 Wickham Terrace
    Spring Hill QLD 4000
    Abortions performed to 16 weeks, medication abortion available to 9 weeks gestation
    *No concessions Saturday
    Operating Days: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
    Telephone service 24 hours Monday - Friday
    Telephone: 07 3831 8300


    Pivotal Health 

    Stockland Shopping Centre
    Middle Street
    Cleveland QLD 4163

    Medication abortion only, provided by a local GP, to 9 weeks gestation. Please contact through the website or if you would prefer to speak to someone at the clinic, please call the Practice Manager on 07 3286 1122. 


    Salisbury Day Surgery

    11 Hayling Street
    Salisbury 4107

    Abortions performed to 19 weeks and 6 days, medication abortion to 7 weeks gestation. 

    Abortions provided on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
    Telephone: 07 3373 8008 


    Sunnybank Hills Family Practice

    Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town (inside the Priceline Pharmacy)

    661 Compton Road

    Sunnybank Hills 4109

    Tel: 07 3361 8111

    Medication abortion only, provided by a GP, to 9 weeks gestation, in a friendly family practice. Call the practice for information about the process or pricing. Discounts apply for healthcare card and pension card holders. 


    Redlands Family Planning
    Victoria Point Surgery
    1 Bunker Road
    Victoria Point QLD 4165
    Telephone: 07 3207 8222

    Medication abortion only, provided by a local GP, to 9 weeks gestation. $400 upfront with a Medicare rebate of $103.50. The cost of the medication itself is additional to this. Patients will also need a pre-procedure ultrasound and blood test.




    Abortion providers - Gold Coast and Tweed Heads

    Dr Marie Southport
    34 Cougal Street
    Southport QLD 4215
    Surgical abortion and medication abortion available
    Telephone: 1300 003 707


    Options Clinic Gold Coast
    127 Wharf Street (Pacific Highway)
    Tweed Heads NSW 2485
    Abortions performed to 14 weeks, medication abortion available to 7 weeks.
    Operating Days: Wednesday, Friday
    Telephone: 07 5536 1626


    Abortion provider - Sunshine Coast

    East Coast Women's Centre
    115 Howard St
    Nambour QLD 4560
    Abortions performed to 16 weeks, medication abortion available to 7 weeks.
    Operating Days: Tuesday, Friday
    Telephone: 07 5476 3700

    Abortion provider - Rockhampton 

    Dr Marie Rockhampton
    123 Bolsover Street
    Rockhampton QLD 4700
    Surgical abortion and medication abortion available
    Telephone: 1300 003 707


    Abortion providers - Townsville

    Dr Marie Townsville
    26 McIlwraith Street
    South Townsville QLD 4810
    Surgical abortion and medication abortion available
    Telephone: 1300 003 707


    Dr Freyja Page

    Townsville and Suburban Medical Practice

    130 Charles Street

    Cranbrook QLD 4814

    07 4779 5077

    Medication abortion provided by female GP to nine weeks gestation. Three appointments including follow up. Implanon or IUD insertion can also be performed at the time of follow up. 


    Abortion providers - Cairns

    Cairns Sexual Health Service
    Cairns North Community Health Precinct
    381 Sheridan St, Cairns QLD 4870

    Medication abortion only, to nine weeks gestation.

    Telephone: 4226 4769

    Medication abortion is available up to nine weeks gestation at the Cairns Sexual Health Clinic. Clients must live within one hour of a hospital. Please call the Sexual Health Service and speak to the Options Nurse (available Monday to Thursday 8:30am-4pm, or Friday from 1pm). You may need to have some tests performed by your doctor first.


    Cairns Doctors

    2/192 Mulgrave Road
    Cairns QLD 4870
    Telephone: 07 4041 7099

    Medication abortion only. Open Monday to Friday.

    Cairns Doctors is a general practice with a focus on all aspects of sexual and reproductive health. They provide medication abortion up to 9 weeks gestation for $325 - $375 (although a Medicare rebate is available, resulting in an approximate out-of-pocket cost of $220 - $270), plus the medication itself. 

    Cairns Doctors also offers a limited number of medical abortions via Skype for rural and regional women unable to travel to an abortion provider, at an out-of-pocket cost of $275 - $325. To be eligible a woman needs to be living in a state where it is legal to have an abortion at home (ie not NT, SA or ACT), be within 1 hour of a hospital and have access to secure email and Skype. Please contact Cairns Doctors for further details.

    Call Children by Choice on 1800 177 725 for details of available surgical abortion services in Cairns. Surgical abortion is only available to 14 weeks in Cairns.


    National (telehealth medication abortion services) 

    Due to legislative restrictions, these services are not available to women living in South Australia or the Northern Territory. Women in other states may also have to satisfy additional criteria; contact the providers for more information.

    Tabbot Foundation
    Telephone: 1800 180 880
    Medication abortion only, provided by pracitioners based in Sydney.
    Telephone consultation with an experienced medical practitioner and then an interview with a clinical psychologist, if necessary. If medical termination is considered suitable, they will provide all medications necessary and a registered nurse to support you through the process as well as a 24 hour on-call doctor. Total cost is $250 for Medicare card holders. Read more about this process on the Tabbot Foundation website. 

    Dr Marie
    Telephone: 1300 003 707
    Medication abortion only, to 9 weeks gestation.
    Instead of attending a Dr Marie clinic in person you will have your medical abortion consultation at home and connect with a Dr Marie doctor via a telehealth video call. You must have a specific GP referral and access to the internet to use this service, and be no further than 56 days (8 weeks) gestation at the time of your telehealth video call. More information is available on the Dr Marie website.

    Medication abortion (or medical abortion)

    Although mifepristone (or RU486) is now listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, it is still limited in availability. GPs are able to prescribe the drug if they undergo an online training course and find a pharmacist willing to stock a supply of the medication; it is hoped that availability will expand as more GPs take up this option.

    At the moment, there is no register of GPs providing mifepristone, although some GP providers have consented to have their details listed above. The cost of medication abortion through termination clinics has remained largely unaffected by the PBS listing. Please call us for more information on 1800 177 725.



    Salisbury Day Surgery

    11 Hayling Street, Salisbury 4107

    Phone: 3373 8008

    MTOPS: To 7 weeks. Procedure days are Tues and Thurs (must attend clinic for second lot of medication).

    STOPS: To 17 weeks. Procedure days Wed and Fri (may add Saturdays at a later date – this info is just for us).

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