• These prices are approximate figures for Queensland providers only and may change at any time. For current prices contact the clinics or Children by Choice. Interstate prices vary significantly, so please call your closest clinic for up-to-date costs.

    Prices start to rise at most clinics once the pregnancy reaches 11 or 12 weeks gestation, with steep increases from 14 weeks onwards. For this reason it's vital to recognise that abortion is a time-sensitive decision.


    If you are in Queensland and need help in sourcing financial assistance in order to access an abortion, please contact us. While we cannot always provide funds ourselves, we can help you work through your circumstances and look at some possible sources of assistance with you. You may also qualify for a No Interest Loan with us which may help in affording a procedure.


    Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast clinics: surgical abortion 

    Up to 11 weeks: $400 - $580
    11 to 14 weeks: $500 - $880
    14 to 16 weeks: $900 - $2260

    These prices are for Medicare Card holders only, as they include the Medicare rebate. Prices for non-Medicare Card holders will be much higher - often around double the Medicare Card holder cost.

    It is important to contact the clinics or Children by Choice for accurate costs, especially after 11 weeks as prices can increase steeply.

    Some clinics provide termination of pregnancy after 16 weeks at the doctor's discretion and prices will be higher. A termination between 18 and 20 weeks gestation can cost over $3000 for Medicare Card holders.

    Concessions are available for Health Care Card holders and Pension Card holders at some clinics.

    Other concessions may be possible at some clinics for various circumstances. Enquire with Children by Choice for more information.


    Townsville and Rockhampton clinics: surgical abortion

    Prices in regional centres are significantly higher.

    Up to 11 weeks: up to $710 (for Medicare Card holders). Without a Medicare card prices can reach $1380. No concessions are available for Health Care Card holders in Rockhampton and Townsville.

    11 to 14 weeks: $740 - $840 (for Medicare Card holders).

    14 to 16 weeks: $1050 - $1430 (for Medicare Card holders).


    Cairns clinics: surgical abortion 

    Surgical abortion is only available to 14 weeks in Cairns. The current cost is $954 - $1240 up front, around $280 of which may be claimed back though Medicare.


    Medication abortion

    Although mifepristone (or RU486) is now listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, it can still be difficult to access. GPs are able to prescribe the drug if they undergo an online training course and find a pharmacist willing to stock a supply of the medication; it is hoped that availability will expand as more GPs take up this option.

    At the moment, there is no register of GPs providing mifepristone. Some GP providers are listed on our Queensland providers page, with approximate costs of $350-$400 upfront. Women are then eligible for a Medicare rebate. The cost of the medication itself is extra to this.

    The cost of medication abortion through termination clinics has remained largely unaffected by the PBS listing, and is as follows:

    Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast clinics: medication abortion

    $490 - $660 (for Medicare Card holders). There may be a $60-$90 rebate to claim through Medicare depending on the clinic.

    Rockhampton and Townsville clinics: medication abortion

    $770 upfront (with a $60-$90 rebate for Medicare Card holders).

    Cairns: medication abortion

    Medication abortion is available through the public system at Cairns Sexual Health Clinic up to nine weeks gestation, at a cost of under $40 for Medicare Card holders and less for Health Care Card holders. Clients must be over 16 and live within one hour of a hospital.

    The Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved and licensed the use of mifepristone for terminating pregnancies up to 7 weeks gestation. Some clinicians may choose to use the medication 'off-label' up to nine or ten weeks gestation; subsidies do not apply in these cases and such use is at the discretion of the provider.


    Page last modified on: Thursday, 08 October 2015

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