• Deciding to be parent for the first time, or again, is a big step.  There are a lot of changes and adjustments for you to think about.  This page is a starting point to explore some questions about parenting. 


    Are you ready to look after an infant?

    If this will be your first parenting experience, new skills are going to be on your "To Do" list - managing sleeping, crying, feeding of a newborn.  Many parenting websites, health centres, chemists, books, and friends are available to research this topic.  Some regard these skills as coming "naturally" - most new parents will tell you that they feel like they have launched into a steep learning curve.

    What are your expections of becoming a parent? This is a role with lots of values, stereotypes, assumptions and history attached. 

    What kind of "mother" will you be?
    If you draw a cartoon of yourself as a parent, what would it be like?
    How will you get through the day, and the night?
    What will a typical day look like?
    Where will you be living and who will be there?
    How are you going to parent together with other people?
    Do you and your partner think in the same way about parenting?  Have you talked about it? 
    How will your family support you with parenting or take on parenting roles? Have you talked to them?
    How will you share the work of looking after a child with others?
    How will you talk about things when you disagree?


    Further Reading:

    The Raising Children website has a load of information on parenting.

    Two Homes is a very detailed website about managing separated parenting.

    Single Mums is a special resource for women raising a child alone.


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