• Unplanned pregnancy: information for men

    Hearing the news “I’m pregnant” can be a shock, a time of stress for the woman and the man involved.  Both women and men speak of being angry at themselves or feeling disbelief that this could happen to them.  

    The reality is that unplanned pregnancy occurs frequently. It is estimated that 200 000 Australian women experience an unplanned pregnancy each year.  No contraceptive is 100% effective - studies of Australian and New Zealand women considering abortion have shown that up to 66% of these women were using contraception when they became pregnant.  Another research study showed that 23.8% of men had experienced condom breakage and 18.1% had experienced condom slippage.

    People also make mistakes.  For example, alcohol sometimes affects our decisions, or maybe we act on impulse.  We can also repeat our mistakes. An American research study of men waiting at abortion clinics found that 25% of men had sat in the waiting room before.

    Some women and couples find the decision straight forward.  Some do not and sometimes making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful for everyone involved. This site provides information for the man involved in the pregnancy, including:


    Page last modified on: Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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