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As part of our commitment to all Queensland women and people who can fall pregnant being able to make their own reproductive health choices, Children by Choice has an abortion and contraception access assistance program. 

Navigating the public health system or coming up with the money for an abortion or for long acting reversible contraception in the private sector can be hard. This may be the case for women in regional or remote areas, or people without access to financial resources or supportive friends or family. If you’re in this position, you’re not alone. Please note that In Queensland the number of services offering termination of pregnancy can decrease as the gestation of pregnancy rises so it is important to act as quickly as possible. 

Some Public Hospitals and Sexual Health Services in Queensland provide abortion services at no or very low cost, Children by Choice may be able to support you to access these services.  

Sometimes people cannot access abortion or long acting reversible contraception services through the public healthcare system due to factors like location, gestation and/or visa status. In these cases Children by Choice may be able to offer support through our financial assistance program. There are strict criteria for accessing financial assistance.

If you qualify for financial assistance for abortion and/or contraception, Children by Choice may be able to offer one or a combination of any of the following, depending on your circumstances: 

· No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

· Small donation from us which you don’t have to repay

  Sourcing more affordable service providers

· Help in finding other organisations or sources of financial assistance for you. 

 Any money Children by Choice provides will be paid directly to the abortion or contraception provider. Call us for more information. 

Other options for sourcing funds

If you aren't able to access no cost termination of pregnancy services through the Queensland public health system then going private is the other option available to you. This may incur high out of pocket costs. Below are some ideas for gathering money for the procedure: 

·       Ask your personal support network if it is safe to do so

·       Reschedule payments on rent or other bills

·       Sell or pawn items to raise funds

·       Request a wages advance

·       Request an advance Centrelink payment and/or crisis payment (if eligible)

·       Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme

Travel interstate or overseas

If you’re from another Australian state, or on a holiday or working visa it may be cheaper for you to travel home for the procedure. If you have family or friends you can stay with close to a clinic there is often a significant cost saving to be made, even after flights are paid for.

Most international students and tourists are not covered by Medicare and face extremely high out of pocket costs to access an abortion in Queensland. Sometimes this is fully or partly covered by their travel or private health insurance, and some travellers or those born overseas but living in Australia may have access to reciprocal Medicare coverage; it is worth exploring these options if you have not already done so, for example, calling your private health provider to ask what rebates they provide for abortion and contraception.

Victim Assist

Victim Assist is a Queensland Government program that provides financial assistance to victims of violent crime to get their lives back on track. The legislation that underpins Victim Assist identifies pregnancy as an injury that can result from the violent crime of rape. More information is available on their website including application forms and contact details for Victim Assist. 

Last modified on: 11 March 2020
Financial assistance
11 March 2020

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