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50th Anniversary Fundraiser

In acknoweldging the ongoing accessibility issues that many pregnant people face in obtaining an abortion we have launched our 50th anniversary fundraiser!

This fundraiser is aimed at raising funds to financially support individuals to accessing abortion care and towards funding our ongoing advocacy and education work.


Children by Choice has been operating in Qld for the past 50 years, fighting for pro-choice legislative reform and the improvement of abortion accessibility. We are funded to provide non-directive counselling along with educational activities, however, we rely on your donations to financially support people to access abortions. While abortion is legal in Qld, it isn’t easily accessible to all people, with prices widely varying from $100-$1000, before even considering travel costs. Thank you for helping us support people to receive the healthcare they need.

We are running a second round of our fundraiser! We have designed amazing, ethical and sustainable feminist t-shirts! As well as collaborated with Haus of Dizzy on two earring designs, Pro-Choice and Repro Rights! Numbers are limited! So get in quick to ensure you don’t miss out!  All funds raised will go towards supporting the access to abortions for pregnant people in Qld.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]