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Launching our 50th Anniversary Fundraiser

In acknoweldging the ongoing accessibility issues that many pregnant people face in obtaining an abortion we have launched our 50th anniversary fundraiser!

This fundraiser is aimed at raising funds to financially support individuals to accessing abortion care and towards funding our ongoing advocacy and education work.


This month and for a limited time we are selling Children by Choice limited edition t-shirts. These shirts and both made ethically and sustainably through an amazing organisation call Dorsu.

Sales will only be open for one month and depending on the demand we may open up sales for a second run in August.

If you are able to we encourage you to donate what you can to support the continued advocacy work Children by Choice is doing for Reproductive Rights in Australia/Queensland.

There are several different donation options.

  • $1 or more  – no benefits option
  • $35 or more- 2 Limited edition Children by Choice Stickers
  • $65 or more – Limited edition T-Shirt
  • $200 or more – Limited edition T-shirt and ticket to 50th Gala Dinner Celebration (In Brisbane)

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]