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  • Access to course for 12 months
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Introductory Offer! $550 for a limited time (Normally $750)

Children by Choice in partnership with the Australian Doula College are excited to invite you to join The Abortion Doula Training Masterclass online self paced program.

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For Professionals

This Masterclass is open to students and graduates of the Australian Doula College (ADC), as well as birth, postnatal, and end of life doulas based in Australia who have completed their training through other reputable organisations.

You will be asked to provide evidence of your doula training and practice in order to access the training.

The training is delivered via an online learning platform, and consists of 8 modules, including theory and activities, as well as access to a live virtual session delivered by Children by Choice, offered twice annually. You will need access to a computer with video and audio capabilities, as well as stable internet access in order to complete the training.

This Masterclass is designed to be self paced, and the modules completed in order. The training will introduce participants to the Abortion Doula Training project, and provide a thorough understanding of abortion practice, legislation, and access in Australia.

The overall objective of the training is for you to build on your existing doula
knowledge, and develop the skills required to provide compassionate and non-judgemental informational, emotional and physical support to women and pregnant people accessing abortion care in Australia. This will include gaining an in depth understanding of abortion procedures, and an awareness of the place of abortion care within the reproductive justice framework.

The training will cover topics including:

  • reproductive justice, diversity and inclusion
  • exploring values
  • abortion statistics and access
  • medication and surgical termination of pregnancy
  • reproductive coercion
  • connecting with clients
  • self care as a doula

Participants will develop:

  • The necessary skills to provide emotional, physical and informational support to women and pregnant people accessing abortion care
  • An understanding of abortion methods and procedures, including abortion related legislation in Australia
  • Ongoing self-reflection and exploration of personal values, beliefs and stigma regarding abortion and people who have abortions
  • An awareness of the impact of vicarious trauma and the importance of self-care as doulas

This training is for:

  • Graduates and students of the Australian Doula College*
  • Qualified birth, postnatal, and end of life doulas who are located in Australia
  • Doulas who are pro-choice and and passionate about reproductive rights


* If you are a graduate or student of the Australian Doula College (ADC) and are based in Queensland, you will be eligible to receive client referrals (non fee paying) from Children by Choice, as part of ADC’s Doula Heart Network.

Children by Choice is a Queensland service, and the Abortion Doula Training Masterclass has been developed as part of their Regional, Rural and Remote Abortion Access Project. Some of the resources contained within the training have a Queensland focus, but are relevant for all Australian states and territories.


1. What can you expect?

  • Access to 8 online modules and activities on Canvas Learning Management System, with video resources, reading material, and podcasts, with quizzes throughout to prompt your self reflection and further learnings (quiz responses are not graded). Each module focuses on a different aspect of abortion doula support.
  • Downloadable resources including relevant research articles, language guides, zines, and abortion care plans which you can use with your clients.
  • An invitation to a live virtual 90 minute knowledge sharing and reflection workshop delivered by Children by Choice, to connect with other abortion doulas across Australia.
  • Access to the course content and materials for 12 months.

2. When and where does the course take place?

  • The course is delivered via an online learning platform, Canvas. Registrations for the training will open every 6 months, and you will then have access to the course for a 12 month period.

3. Are there scholarships available?

  • Please contact [email protected] if you are experiencing financial difficulty and would like to be considered for an equity scholarship. We invite you to look at Alexis J. Cunningfolk’s ‘Green Bottle Sliding Scale‘ before contacting us regarding a scholarship.

4. Is this course certified?

  • You will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course and attending a live virtual session with Children by Choice. Abortion doula training is not an accredited field, so there is no certification available for this course.

5. How can I use the skills gained in this course to support my community?

  • Abortion is an incredibly common healthcare procedure in Australia. Community support is essential in combating abortion stigma, and other barriers faced by abortion seekers. If you live in Queensland, upon completion of the course you will be eligible to receive (non fee paying) client referrals from Children by Choice to the Australian Doula College via the Doula Heart Network.
  • If you are in other states and territories, you will be given information about organisations in your state who you may contact to offer your services. You may also choose to advertise your abortion doula work alongside your fee-paying birth and/or end of life doula work. While we want every abortion seeker in Australia to have access to an abortion doula, we recognise that some abortion doulas may need or request compensation for their services, and acknowledge the value of the skills and services you are providing.


Up to 100 people


Adults 18 and over, Any employee or volunteer


Access to course for 12 months