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If you are currently supporting a woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, or this is a regular part of your work, we can help you with information and resources on a variety of related topics, including: 

We also have indepth information on pregnancy options, service availability, and decision-making resources in our For Women section of this site. Each of these pages can be printed by clicking on the pdf icon in the lower right corner of the screen for your patient or client to take with them; however, it is important to note that there are continuous changes in this area of health. We recognise that some users will prefer to use a hard copy version of these resources and we would encourage these users to be mindful of providing current information to clients and to routinely check our website for any changes. This is particularly relevant in terms of abortion service availability and cost. 

If you're a GP you can now become a provider of medical abortion through your practice - more infomation is available here

If you are a health practitioner looking for further resources to support your work regarding unplanned pregnancy and abortion, the Center for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH) have an online resource hub that can be accessed here.

If your patient or client is seeking to access abortion, there is specific information around available services and how to access them here

Your role 

All professionals have a responsibility to clients or patients who access their service, to ensure that through their role, clients’ rights are upheld, and that support is of the most professional, supportive and non-directive standard. 

The support provided to women will depend on your role, capacity and setting. Medical practitioners can play a key role in regards to providing a clinical assessment particularly in confirming the pregnancy, establishing the pregnancy gestation and providing opportunistic STI screening. It is important to note that in most cases where a woman is choosing to terminate the pregnancy a doctor's referral to a clinic is not required in Queensland. This section of the website is designed to give an overview of the professional's role in supporting a woman with more detailed sections for medical practitioners. 

As a professional you will be guided by your regulatory body in regards to codes of ethics, rules of professional conduct, and standards of practice. We recognise the expertise a range of professionals bring to patient and client support within your own practice, and the intention of our resources for professionals is to supplement this expertise, not to replace it. 

Last modified on: 14 April 2020
For professionals
14 April 2020

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