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Abortion Doula Training

What Is a Doula?

A doula is a non-medical support person who can provide emotional, physical and informational support through any of life’s transitions. This includes support across the full spectrum of pregnancy, including abortion.

A doula specialises in non-judgemental and compassionate care, and is respectful and client-centred in the way they provide support.

What Is an Abortion Doula?

In 2020, Children by Choice delivered Australia’s first abortion doula training program, in partnership with the Australian Doula College. We now have a small team of dedicated volunteer abortion doulas in Queensland. An abortion doula can support you if you are accessing an abortion at your local hospital, if you are traveling to access abortion care, if you are having a medical termination of pregnancy at home, via phone, internet or person.

All abortion doulas are students or graduates of the Australian Doula College Birth and Postnatal Doula Training, and have completed a Masterclass in abortion doula care.

How Can a Doula Support Me?

Your doula can provide different types of support depending on your unique needs. This may be in the form of physical support – accompanying you to a private clinic or hospital where you may be having your procedure, chatting to you about your favourite films, your kids, your work, or your pets. They can hold your hand, or simply provide a space for you to share how you are feeling. Your doula can also sit comfortably with you in silence, with compassion and without judgement.

Informational support from your doula might involve answering any questions you might have, helping you find additional resources and information, and advocating for you in a clinic or hospital setting. If you are having a medical termination at home, your doula can help you monitor the process, and support you to reach out if any medical help is required. Your doula is not a doctor or nurse, but is experienced in knowing when to refer you on to medical services.

Your doula’s main goal is supporting you and your needs, whatever they may be. They can be a friendly ear, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to chat with over a cup of tea. Your doula can support you in person, over the phone or video call, or by text, depending on what is available to you and what you are comfortable with. Your time with an abortion doula might be fleeting, but as one client shared with us, having a doula was the first time she felt fully seen and heard in a medical setting. We want every woman and pregnant person to feel safe and supported when accessing reproductive health care.

How Do I Find an Abortion Doula?

Ask your Children by Choice counsellor for more information and referral, or complete the form here.