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Financial Assistance

As part of our commitment to all Queensland women and people who can fall pregnant being able to make their own reproductive health choices, Children by Choice will support women in exploring different ways of financially accessing an abortion.

Children By Choice is committed to supporting people who want to access an abortion in Queensland, and we acknowledge all types of financial concern.

If you have a medicare card, you may be eligible for Queensland Health funding for termination of pregnancy care. Please see our “Getting an Abortion” page for more information. Where there is a QLD Health public pathway to termination of pregnancy care available, Children By Choice cannot fund procedure costs.

If you do not hold a medicare card or do not qualify for the public health pathway for abortion care, please contact us to discuss financial assistance options. We do, however, welcome all calls from anyone who is experiencing financial hardship, so we can support you to access the care you need.

Please note if you are an overseas visitor some reciprocal Medicare arrangements will cover termination of pregnancy care, please call Medicare to discuss. Additionally, some private health funds will cover termination of pregnancy care, please call your cover to discuss.