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Parenting is the most common choice Australian women and pregnant people make when they find out they are pregnant unexpectedly. 

Some women and pregnant people may find this an easy decision – you may have always wanted children, or be in a space in your life where it feels like the time is right. Other women and pregnant people find this choice more difficult. There is no right or wrong way to decide on which pregnancy option to choose.

If you are thinking about continuing the pregnancy and becoming a parent (or becoming a parent again), there may be several factors influencing your decision. You may be wondering about what financial support is available for you, what a baby might mean for your lifestyle or your career or study ambitions, or how another baby might impact on your children and/or partner. Your decision might also be impacted by your feelings and values about the other pregnancy options available to you. Your decision may be influenced by thoughts and feeling shared with you by others and the family community and cultural values around pregnancy options.

Whatever the factors impacting on your decision, your options if you choose to parent are much more open than they were even a generation ago.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Single parenting is common and blended families are also common. If you feel strongly that you would like to continue this pregnancy but are concerned about the emotional or financial supports that may be available to you, we can help you with this information.