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Position Statement on Roe v Wade


The following Australian organisations and individuals voice their support for reproductive rights and access to legal, safe, timely and compassionate abortion.  

We believe that the US Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade and threatening access to legal abortion in the United States of America would be detrimental for millions of women, girls and anyone who may need to seek an abortion. Any action to go backwards in reproductive rights is against the global trend of making access to abortion easier and more secure.  

Abortion is an essential aspect of reproductive healthcare and rights. Access to abortion has been determined by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, and others, to be a basic human right. 

While all jurisdictions in Australia have laws providing for legal access to abortion, and safe access to clinics; barriers to abortion access in Australia remain and are based on how governments have implemented this healthcare within public health systems. Abortion is yet to be properly decriminalised in South Australia and Western Australia. We call on the SA and WA Governments to finally remove abortion from their criminal statute books.  

Access to this vital health service should not depend on your postcode, class, race, gender or ability.

We call upon state, territory and federal government in Australia to embed this essential reproductive healthcare into our public health services, to ensure everyone who needs it can access compassionate and timely care. 

Each person knows what the best choice is for themselves, for their health, their body and their future. They should be able to feel safe and in control of their bodies and be free to decide whether and when to have a child. 

A person who needs to end their pregnancy shouldn’t have to travel hundreds of kilometres from home, or cross state borders or take on medical debt, to access the healthcare they need and is capable of being provided locally within public healthcare systems. Healthcare professionals should be able to practice in safe workplaces to provide their patients with the best care possible – without fear of criminal charges or concerns around public retribution. 

 We stand in solidarity with healthcare professionals who provide abortion care and every person who has accessed an abortion, or may need to in the future.  

We support access to legal, safe, timely, compassionate healthcare and protections for reproductive rights in conjunction with supporting bodily autonomy and reproductive justice. 

Signatories to Statement



  • Children by Choice 
  • Human Rights Law Centre  
  • Fair Agenda 
  • Women with Disabilities Australia  
  • ASHM 
  • SPHERE  
  • Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT)  
  • Mackay Women’s Services 
  • Women’s Health and Equality Queensland  
  • Women’s Health Victoria 
  • The Centre for Women & Co 
  • Respect Inc 
  • Reproductive Choice Australia 
  • Women’s Health Matters 
  • Iris Education 
  • National Foundation for Australian Women 
  • WWILD Sexual Violence Prevention Association Inc 
  • Micah Projects 
  • Domestic Violence Action Centre  
  • Queensland Sexual Assault Network 
  • March4Justice  
  • Australian Greens 
  • Socialist Alliance 
  • Marie Stopes Australia 
  • Women for Australia 
  • The Parenthood 
  • Families Magazine  
  • Doctors Reform Society 
  • Our Bodies Our Choices  
  • Women’s Electoral Lobby 
  • Full Stop Australia 
  • Women’s Community Shelters 
  • Queensland Women’s Health Network Inc 
  • Anti Poverty Centre 
  • Team Trick 
  • Across the Cloud 


  • Professor Heather Douglas 
  • Professor Caroline de Costa MBBS  BA MPH PhD FRANZCOG FRCOG  
  • Dr Fiona Mack  
  • Dr Caroline Harvey MBBS (Hons) MPH MPM Grad Dip Sexology DRANZCOG FRACGP 
  • Dr Kay Strom MBBS (Hons) FRACGP  
  • Dr Lois Macfarlane MRCGP DRCOG DFRSH MRACGP – Brookside Medical Centre  
  • Dr Melissa Brown – Thirroul Medical Practice 
  • Dr. Lesley Barron, MD, MPhil, FRACS 
  • Dr Judith Dean – RN, Midwife, BN, MPHTM, Centaur Fellow 
  • Dr Aneesa Taylor FRACGP, MBBS, DCH 
  • Associate Professor Melissa Kang MBBS MCH PhD 
  • Dr Jessica Phillips-Yelland MBBS BSc DRANZCOG Adv DCH CACEM 
  • Dr Amanda Cohn BA BMed MD CertEM MPH(Epi) MIPH FRACGP 
  • Fiona MARTIN – RN/RM   
  • Annette Hamilton – RN 
  • Geraldine KIRK – RN/RM 
  • Sarah THORNTON – EEN 
  • Dr Catriona MELVILLE – Deputy Medical director at Marie Stopes Australia 
  • Ashleigh LAWRENCE – RN   
  • Dr Andrew HAIG   
  • Kamila HEJRETOVA – RN   
  • Jessica Barnes RN/RM   
  • Talay Quinlan – Clinical nurse  
  • Dr Vasudha Iyengar – FRANZCOG 
  • Dr Merri Andrew  
  • Dr Claire Rogers BSc MIH PhD (International Health) 
  • Anasua Misha Datta, GP 
  • Dr Meng Mei Phua FRACGP MBBS SCHP CWH 
  • Emily Mayo – reproductive rights campaigner and coordinator of #ArrestUs  
  • Associate Professor Barbara Baird – Co-Convenor SA Abortion Action Coalition (saaac). Women’s & Gender Studies, Flinders University  
  • Associate Professor Suzanne Belton 2019 PHAA winner in Leadership and Advocacy for abortion service reform 
  • Penny Sharpe MP  
  • Sue Boyce, former Qld LNP senator 
  • Adam Bandt MP 
  • Senator Larissa Waters 
  • Senator Sarah Hanson-Young 
  • Senator Peter Whish-Wilson 
  • Senator Janet Rice 
  • Senator Dorinda Cox 
  • Senator Lidia Thorpe 
  • Senator Jordon Steele-John 
  • Senator Nick McKim 
  • Senator Mehreen Faruqi 
  • Jenny Leong MP 
  • Abigail Boyd MLC 
  • Tamara Smith MP 
  • Jamie Parker MP 
  • Sue Higginson MLC-elect 
  • Cate Faehrmann MLC 
  • Tammy Franks MLC 
  • Rob Simms MLC 
  • Sarah Ratcliffe, The University of Sydney  
  • Nancy Cramond 
  • Ritamay Roberts 
  • Dineli Kalansuriya, 2nd Year Medical Student, University of Queensland 
  • Dianne Miller 
  • Brooke Sonter 
  • Jennifer Gilchrist 
  • Shaz Harrison-Williams 
  • Megan McKenzie 
  • Stephanie Chen 
  • Sarah Burns 
  • Anna Franklin 
  • Ella Lee 
  • Amora Lau 
  • Dr Matthew Berryman 
  • Chloe Berryman 
  • Lizzy Porter 
  • Simone Dejun 
  • Emma Iwinska
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