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What is a doula?

A doula is a non-medical support person who can provide emotional, physical and informational support through any of life’s transitions. This might include support across the spectrum of pregnancy, including abortion.

A doula specialises in non-judgemental and compassionate care, and is respectful and client-centred in the way they provide support.


What is an abortion doula? 

In 2020, Children by Choice delivered Australia’s first abortion doula training program, in partnership with the Australian Doula College. We now have a small team of dedicated volunteer abortion doulas in Queensland. An abortion doula can support you if you are accessing an abortion at your local hospital, if you are traveling to access abortion care, if you are having a medical termination of pregnancy at home, via phone, internet or person.


How do I find an abortion doula?

Ask your Children by Choice counsellor for more information and referral.




Last modified on: 17 March 2021
Abortion Doulas
17 March 2021

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