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In Queensland, adoption is a legal process which is guided by the Adoption Act 2009 and Adoption Regulation 2009, where legal rights and responsibility for a child are permanently transferred from the birth parents to the child’s adoptive parents. This means that after the child is adopted the adoptive parents, not the birth parents, will be the child’s legal parents.  

Adoption is a formal process and must be arranged through the correct authority. In Queensland, this is via Adoption Services, part of the Department of Child Saftey, Youth and Women.  It is an offence to privately arrange an adoption in Queensland. For further information and contact details for Adoption Services, please visit their website.

Adoption is a voluntary process, and there are several stages involved before a parent can consent to a child’s adoption and the adoption is finalised. Enquiring about the process or even starting it doesn't mean you have to continue with it if you change your mind and decide to parent your child yourself, make alternative care arrangements for your child, or terminate the pregnancy. 

If you decide that you are unable to parent your child, adoption is only one option for the care of your child. Making decisions about whether adoption is the best option for a child can be a difficult process. 

If you are considering options for the future care of your child, it’s a good idea to discuss alternatives with family members and people close to you. There could be support available that might help you to keep your child if provided with assistance, or there may be members of your family who may wish to provide care to a child if given the opportunity.  Adoption Services will be able to give you information about these alternative care arrangements.

Last modified on: 29 January 2019
29 January 2019

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