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We regularly talk to women who are having trouble accessing an abortion service. You might live too far away from an abortion provider, or not be able to afford the upfront cost of a procedure, or be a young person who can’t or doesn’t want to involve your parents.

If you are having problems accessing abortion, please contact us so we can help you.

Do not attempt to induce a miscarriage yourself.

We are sometimes contacted by people concerned about the risk to themselves or someone they know of self-abortion. There are many myths about how to induce a miscarriage but none of these methods are safe for women and may be life-threatening to you if you attempt them.

Despite the warnings on consuming alcohol or illicit drugs during pregnancy, this may not make you miscarry - however, it can make you very ill, and taking large quantities can put your life at risk. Alcohol and drugs can also have a wide range of impacts if you later decide to continue your pregnancy, including premature labour, developmental problems, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, birth defects, heart problems, and other serious health issues.

Similar risks exist with medication, including supposed 'abortion pills' bought online. You should only ever use abortion medication that has been provided to you by a medical professional. Online drug purchases are not subject to the same regulations as store-bought medication, and may therefore not be what you think you're purchasing. Women On Waves, an online service providing information and legitimate abortion medication to women in countries where abortion is illegal (they do not provide services for Australian women), warns of some websites offering fake medication or even injections, or taking payment for medication that is never shipped. Never order abortion pills online. You don’t know if what you’re taking is legitimate, and it could be incredibly dangerous. 

We understand that this situation can be very scary, but there might be something we can do to help you overcome the barriers to a safely provided abortion procedure by a qualified medical professional. 

If you are having trouble accessing a procedure, please contact us.

For more information about the effects of alcohol and drugs in pregnancy, visit: 

Last modified on: 29 January 2019
What if I can't access abortion
29 January 2019

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