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Unplanned Pregnancy and Abortion in Australia conference


Our third Unplanned Pregnancy and Abortion Conference took place in Brisbane on 1 and 2 August 2019. The program covered a wide range of topics with speakers from across the sector sharing their knowledge. Our conference was an opportunity for health and community professionals working in and those interested in the fields of unplanned pregnancy, reproductive health and abortion provision to advance their skills and expertise. The conference was also a unique opportunity for the sector to come together and share experiences and discuss national and local responses.

Over the two days of the conference, attendees  developed an Australian Blueprint for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice. The blueprint can be downloaded here.  

Thank you to all involved in making the conference a great success. 

Conference presentations 

A number of conference presentations are available to read below. Please note that not every presenter has shared their presentation. 

Day one: 1st  August  2019

Morning plenary

What women want in abortion care. - Dr Philip Goldstone, Professor Bruce Shadbolt and Dr Catriona Melville

Breakout sessions

Beyond Australia and New Zealand

Abortion During Humanitarian Crisis: Lessons learned from the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. - Claire Rogers

Attitudes and Demands of Post-Abortion Services among Young Women Who Experienced Abortion in China: A Qualitative Perspective. - Na Wang

The Asia Safe Abortion Partnership. - Dr Phan Bich Thuy

The conflict in young people`s sexual life in Viet Nam. - Dr Phan Bich Thuy

“Is it legal here?”: An examination of international students’ knowledge about accessing abortion services in Melbourne, Victoria. - Cameryn Garrett

Facilitating and improving access to abortion (part 1)

Conscientious objection in policy and practice in Australia. - Louise Keogh, Shannon Hill and Dr Amy Webster

Social Justice for all! Terms & Conditions Apply: the silence of social work in relation to abortion-rights advocacy - Trish Hayes and Liz Beddoe

Factors associated with the utilisation of abortion services: A survey among Family Planning NSW Talkline callers seeking information on unintended pregnancy and abortion. - Brianna Pike

Queensland pathways and practice post abortion law reform

Translating legislation changes to clinical practice through state-wide guideline development. - Emily Holmes

New World Order? Post-decriminalisation public provision of abortion in Queensland. - Bronwyn Brabrook and Stephanie Chen

Has the sky fallen in? Before and after legalisation – the Far North Queensland experience. - Libby Power and Erin McBride

Unplanned pregnancy and domestic violence

Reproductive Coercion: A Review of Family and Domestic Violence Legislation and Processes. - Vanessa Hernandez and Georgia Dalton

Reproductive coercion screening and the implications for service provision/assisting women with unplanned pregnancies. - Brianna Pike

Domestic Violence Does Not Stop at the Bedroom Door: Intimate Partner Violence and Reproductive Coercion. - Katherine Kerr

Hidden Forces – Uncovering Reproductive Coercion in the Australian Context. - Bonney Corbin

Facilitating and improving access to abortion (part 2)

The High Court’s take on anti-abortion picketing. - Dr Tania Penovic

Not Ovary Acting Tasmania. - Jess Ferguson (coming soon)

From 0 to 73 per cent in 12 months: rapid uptake of early medical abortions in the Northern Territory. - Dr Jacqueline Murdoch, presented by Dr Paul Rivalland

A survey of the views and practices of abortion of the New Zealand Fellows and trainees of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. - Emma Macfarlane

Views and practice on abortion of Australian Fellows of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists - Professor Caroline de Costa

Improving access and uptake of contracepetion 

Conversations about Contraception: Or, how do I talk to clients or patients about contraception without them thinking I’m judging them? - Siân Tooker

Contraceptive choice and short inter-pregnancy interval in women undergoing medical abortion via telehealth. - Dr Catriona Melville


Day two: 2nd  August 2019

Morning plenary

The value and future of Abortion Provider Organisations. - Dr Carol Shand and Dame Margret Sparrow

What is a good abortion? - Caitlin Gerdts, Vice President for Research, Ibis Reproductive Health (via video conference)

Breakout sessions

Abortion stigma and taboos

Abortion stigma: A useable concept? - Erica Millar

Portraying abortion: the imagery and depiction of our stories. - Claire Pullen (coming soon)

Assembling Professional Identity in Abortion Care: Warm hearts, Cold rooms. - Dr Letitia Meadows 

Abortion law reform and politics

Reflections of how abortion law reform was won in Queensland. - Daile Kelleher

Repeal after reform: the struggle to remove abortion from the South Australian criminal law. - Professor Judith Dwyer, Dr Margie Ripper and Brigid Coombe

Everyone’s wrong about Queensland/Just how bad is NSW politics and what does this mean for abortion? - Claire Pullen 

Clinical stream: MTOP hot topics and controversies

Anti D and termination of pregnancy. - Dr Carol Portmann

Early MTOP/Pregnancy Unknown Location. - Dr Philip Goldstone

Follow up – low sensitivity quant HCG, managing retained products of conception and other issues. - Dr Catriona Melville

Collaborations and innovation

A Doula Initiative – ensuring compassionate support when navigating unplanned pregnancy in rural and remote Queensland. - Rachael Smith

Nursing and midwifery practices in the provision of comprehensive abortion care. - Lydia Mainey

Unplanned pregnancy, options counselling and abortion content in nursing and midwifery textbooks used in Queensland universities. - Sandra Downing

Sexual and reproductive health services - the experiences of women in Melbourne’s west. - Tizita Yohannes

Expert consensus on a nurse-led model of early medication abortion provision for regional and rural Victoria. - Caroline de Moel-Mandel

Supporting access to abortion services in Victoria via frontline staff education and training. - Family Planning Victoria, Practice Manager

Rural and remote access

Regional, Rural and Remote Abortion Access: Addressing abortion inequity in Queensland. - Rachael Smith

Barriers and facilitators to the provision of medical termination of pregnancy in rural and remote Queensland. - Bonny Jones and Judith Dean

Clinical stream: Termination of Pregnancy in the 2nd trimester and workforce training

Introducing abortion into medical schools curriculum and educating junior doctors. - Professor Caroline de Costa

MTOP after 9 weeks. - Dr Catriona Melville


More information

Our next conference will take place in mid 2021, dates to be confirmed. If you have any queries about our conference please contact our Education and Training Coordinator at tel: 07 3357 9933 (ext 3) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Unplanned Pregnancy and Abortion in Australia conference
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