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Our Work

Our counselling team offers decision making counselling, evidence-based information on pregnancy options, referrals to health and support services, and post-abortion counselling and support, to clients across Queensland. Our all options pregnancy counselling and information is available statewide over the phone (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday), or we offer face to face counselling by donation for the pregnant person only at our office in Windsor, Brisbane.

All our counsellors are tertiary qualified and are part of our small paid staff team. As a confidential, genuine all-options service, we do not ‘advise’ clients on which option they should pursue, nor do we try to push one option over another. 

It is an integral part of our framework that each individual we support is the expert in their own life. Nobody else can know better than a pregnant person what the best decision for them is.

Women/clients talk to us about:

  • trying to decide what to do when they are not sure whether to continue a pregnancy or not;
  • concerns they might have about abortion, adoption or parenting;
  • health problems or issues with a pregnancy, like a fetal anomaly diagnosis, drug or alcohol use, or maternal health concerns;
  • past issues in their life or their family which have surfaced when they face an unplanned pregnancy;
  • sexual assault and violence;
  • how they’re feeling after an abortion.

We can also offer you referrals to other support or medical services, including referrals for abortion, and give you information about abortion procedures, adoption processes, or parenting resources.

We make sure our information is up to date and based in the best possible evidence, which is why our resources, website, and fact sheets are heavily referenced and sourced, so readers know exactly what we’re basing our information on.

We work closely with organisations across the state to ensure that our clients who need support to pursue their chosen pregnancy option – whether that is to continue their pregnancy or to end it – are able to access the services they need to do so. This includes close links with domestic violence and sexual assault support services, women’s health centres, GPs and sexual health services, Adoption Services Queensland, and a plethora of non-profits, community organisations, health services and education providers statewide.

We support between 1500 and 2000 clients from across Queensland each year through our counselling and support service.

We run a financial assistance program to help women and pregnant people experiencing disadvantage to access contraception and abortion. If you are in Queensland and having trouble coming up with the funds you need to pay for a termination or long acting contraception, please contact us. We cannot provide you with the entirety of the procedure or travel costs, but we may be able to offer you a small donation or a no interest loan, and help you source assistance from other places as well.

Our financial assistance program also supports women to access long acting reversible contraceptives, to help prevent unplanned pregnancy in future. It is administered by our counselling team, so women and pregnant people are able to access any further support or information they need during the same process.

Funds provided by our service for abortion and contraceptive access are sourced through donations from members and supporters – including through social media in some cases – and through small specific grants for this purpose.

As part of our work to empower individuals and communities, we offer comprehensive training and professional development opportunities in pregnancy options and reproductive health. This training is available for health and community professionals and can be tailored to your organisation or sector where possible.

Topics include best practice counselling strategies for supporting women with an unplanned pregnancy; legal aspects of pregnancy termination, including medical abortion and provision of services to minors; and evidence-based information on all pregnancy options, including referral pathways.

Our training program includes a biennial national conference on unplanned pregnancy and abortion for health and community sector professionals.

We can also deliver guest lectures to university or other tertiary students.

As well as our training programs, we offer sexuality and relationships education for young people through schools and youth services, and online – this includes our youth-specific site know4sure, with comprehensive information on sex, relationships, contraception and pregnancy in straightforward language.

Sexuality education involves learning about growth and development, relationships, staying safe and making healthy choices. Sexuality education aims to:

  • provide a sound foundation for the development of healthy sexual identity;
  • provide age-appropriate information;
  • provide information in a way that encourages acceptance of self and others;
  • encourage young people to choose to be sexually healthy; and
  • enhance relationships.

We provide a range of options to address the needs of young people including:

  • Individual one-off sessions;
  • Combination session or sessions on specific topics, for example unplanned pregnancy and contraception;
  • Tailor made session or sessions combining a number of topics; and
  • Comprehensive program of sessions (recommended).

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