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Children by Choice is a non-profit organisation, committed to providing evidence based information on all pregnancy options - abortion, adoption, alternative or kinship care and parenting.

Our pregnancy options counselling, information and referral service is Queensland-wide. Our education and training operates across Australia.

Pro Choice

We strive to make our service a safe space


We put the needs of our clients above all else
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We welcome anyone who needs our support
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Everyone is welcome here
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We are a safe space
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For Professionals

If you are currently supporting a woman or pregnant person who is considering their options, or this is a regular part of your work, we can help you with information and resources on a variety of related topics.


(Taft et al 2018)

We are unaware of data that identifies the rate of pregnancy and/or abortion among trans men and non-binary people but recognise and welcome all people who are or can become pregnant at Children by Choice.

(Taft et al 2018)

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Education & Training Sessions

We have a number of online and in-person education and training options for professionals, students and young people.

Decision Making

For some women the decision will be clear, while for others it may be a difficult choice to make. While for some women the decision of whether to proceed with an unplanned pregnancy or not might be a clear one, for others the process is more complicated.

Hear from our community

The staff at children by choice where so understanding and very friendly to deal with. I felt no judgement from them and they did above and beyond of what was expected. I am thankful for their help.

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I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about my concerns and children by choice were perfect. I felt confident I could open up and be completely honest without being judged

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Helped me not feel so alone, helped me realise I need to make my own decisions based on what I feel is best.

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