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Feedback and Complaints


Children by Choice is committed to a complaints and feedback process which is: 

  • fair and open; 
  • effective and efficient; 
  • responsive and customer focused; and 
  • ensures privacy and confidentiality. 

We encourage consumers, their representatives and staff to provide suggestions, compliments, concerns and complaints about the services provided to our clients. 

We seek to resolve complaints in a consistent, systematic and responsive manner, to the satisfaction of the complainant and the organisation. 

We aim to ensure that the complaints handling process provides reliable and accurate information to identify trends and eliminate causes of complaint, and improve the quality and safety of our services. 

We value a complaints handling process which provides for continual review and analysis of the process, the resolution of complaints and process improvements made. 

Our ratified Complaints Policy, including the procedure for making a complaint, is available here for download: Privacy Policy – Children by Choice 

You can contact us to provide feedback or make a complaint.  

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