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Information & Support


Our counselling team offers decision making counselling, evidence-based information on pregnancy options, referrals to health and support services, and post-abortion counselling and support, to clients across Queensland.

Our all-options pregnancy counselling and information service is available statewide over the phone Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm (except on Wednesday which is 1pm-3pm), or we offer face to face counselling for the pregnant person only at our office in Toowong, Brisbane.

As a confidential, genuine all-options service, we do not ‘advise’ clients on which option they should pursue, or try to push one option over another. Nobody else can know better than a pregnant person what the best decision for them is.

Clients talk to us about

  • Trying to decide what to do when they are not sure whether to continue a pregnancy or not
  • Concerns they might have about abortion, adoption, kinship and alternative care or parenting
  • Health problems or issues with a pregnancy, like a fetal anomaly diagnosis, drug or alcohol use, or maternal health concerns
  • Past issues in their life or their family which have surfaced when they become pregnant
  • Sexual assault and violence
  • How they’re feeling after an abortion.

We can also offer you referrals to other support or medical services, including referrals for abortion, and give you information about abortion procedures, adoption, kinship and alternative care processes, or parenting resources.