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Queensland Public Pathways for Abortion

If you are unable to afford the costs of private clinics abortion care, there may be an option for you to access a termination via public hospital funding. Please note that public pathways can usually only be accessed if you have a Medicare card.  

To see if you are eligible you will need to know which Hospital and Health Service (HHS) you belong to. This is important as each region will be different in relation to who they will fund for private clinic care and whether they will provide free abortion care in hospital.    

You can find out which QLD Heath Hospital and Health Service region you live in by:   

  • Calling your local GP clinic  
  • Calling your nearest public hospital
  • Clicking on this link and entering your suburb and postcode in the search area at the top-right of screen. Once map has navigate to your location,  you will need to click on the highlighted area to see your region.