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Easy English Resources

Easy English Sexual & Reproductive Health Resources

These resources were developed by Children by Choice and WWILD Sexual Violence Prevention and were funded by 100 Women and the Queensland Government – Department of Justice and Attorney-General. They were co-designed with a group of incredible women with intellectual and learning disabilities and informed by consultation with key stakeholders from violence, disability and health-related services. We would like to thank all the women and professionals who helped us with this project, giving their time, expertise and experiences to support the development of this group of resources.

People with intellectual disabilities generally don’t receive the same amount of relationships and sex education, and have less chance to make their own informed decisions as the general population which can mean that they are more likely to experiences sexual or domestic violence. The aim of these resources are to assist professionals or supporters in helping people develop an understanding of consent, contraception, pregnancy options and reproductive coercion (RCA). It will assist people to recognise red flags of RCA as well. We hope they will assist professionals or supporters in having clear conversations about key reproductive and health rights issues with clients or patients who may struggle with verbal communication and comprehension. The more factual information people have, the more likely they will be able to make the best decisions for them.

Chatting with a doctor about Contraception - Video

Contraception Cideo slides

Chatting with a counsellor about Pregnancy Options - Video

Preg Options Video slide

Chatting with a counsellor about Reproductive Coercion and Abuse - Video

RCA Video Slide

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Thank you

Children by Choice would like to thank the funders of this project, 100 Women and the Queensland Government.