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Queensland Abortion Providers


The MAPP (Mapping Access Pathways Project) is a philanthropically funded project, aiming to increase access to abortion and contraception services for all Queenslanders, with a particular focus on regional, rural and remote access.

The MAPP is a publicly accessible online database of abortion and contraception providers, pharmacies that dispense MS-2 Step and ultrasound clinics across the state. It is interactive and searchable by postcode, provider type and fee information. More detailed search criteria will also be available for services, for example; gestation, availability of a female doctor, LGBTIQ+ sensitivity and wheelchair accessibility.

Services and providers listed through the MAPP will initially be asked to provide client facing details such as contact information, opening hours, types of services offered, gestational limits and fee information. Further details such as appointment booking processes can be captured but this information is optional. Once the MAPP is live, services will be able to register, update and modify their own listings.