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Conference 2024

Information for Presenters

Congratulations on presenting at our upcoming Reproductive Rights and Abortion Conference!

Here you will find updates and instructions on submitting your presentations, promoting the event, program times and the ability to submit any questions or queries you might have.

Please purchase your speaker tickets by Friday 30th May.

Also, note that our conference team is quite small, so please be patient with us as we attempt to get back to everyone who sends us messages.


Please submit your visual presentations by Tuesday 30th July.

Max. file size: 100 MB.

Additional Information

Poster Tours sessions will be held each day

Presenters are asked to be at the poster space 5 minutes before the session begins and to have their talking points ready to go. We recommend that presenters prepare to speak for no more than 5 minutes on their posts to allow for any questions or further discussion.


Some tips & tricks to consider when designing and presenting your poster:

  • There are programs you can use to create your poster, including PowerPoint, Wepik and Canva.
  • You may want your poster to include a short title and introduction to your topic, an overview of your approach, an insightful discussion of the results, as well as a listing of articles that are relevant and speak to your topic.
  • We recommend keeping the word count to 500-800 words to avoid making the poster too wordy.
  • We recommend printing posters A0 size Portrait. If you are unable to print directly from the program used to create the poster, try saving your poster as a PDF prior to printing to confirm that all images and formatting is correct.
  • Be sure to leave sufficient space around the text or graphic boxes and keep all boxes the same size. This will create a cohesive and visually appealing presentation and will also assist observers to process the information effectively. Don’t overcrowd your poster with text and graphics. Leave plenty of whitespace to improve readability and visual appeal.
  • Avoid using dark backgrounds for text boxes and be mindful of using colour combinations that make it difficult for observers to process – particularly those with colour vision deficiencies.
  • Remember to provide titles or captions for any images or graphs. Use general descriptive phrases, rather than acronyms, to assist observers to better understand the information presented.
  • Try to create your poster using a single application or program to ensure your content is transferred correctly and to avoid formatting issues.
  • Your poster should be engaging and informative, and be understandable in case you’re not around. You can also include any relevant contact details for observers to note down should they need to get in touch.

You may wish to supply us with an image of your poster to host on our website for people to access at a later date. You can send this information as a PDF on the presenters portal and any other questions you may have to e[email protected]