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Pregnancy can be a time of increased risk of violence for women. 

Unfortunately, experiencing violence during pregnancy is something that affects many Australian women. Violence might start in your pregnancy or get worse at this time. Sometimes the patterns of violence and control change when a woman becomes pregnant - for example, there may be changes in the areas of the body at which physical violence is directed, further restrictions on access to medical care or money, or accusations about the paternity of children or a pregnancy. 

If you are noticing this already it may be important for you to review your safety arrangements. Let others around you know of your increasing concerns, review your safety plan (or make one) to see if it takes account of your increased risks or changes in the perpetrator’s behaviour. If you already have a Domestic Violence Order in place it may be possible to vary the order to include any children that may result from this pregnancy. If patterns of violence have changed or escalated during your pregnancy already other conditions of the order may need to be reviewed and varied by a court.

Support is out there for this. If you are not already linked in to a domestic violence support service in Queensland you can call DV Connect for telephone advice and for referral to a specialised service near you (1800 811 811).

If you ever feel like there is an immediate threat to your life or health because of domestic violence, dial 000. 

Last modified on: 30 January 2019
Violence and parenting
30 January 2019

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