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  • 24 April, 2025, 9:00 am
  • 4hr
  • online

This training focuses on practical skills for post-abortion support, including empathetic and compassionate client conversations, navigating diverse contexts, and effectively managing different scenarios.

For Professionals

This workshop delves into various crucial aspects of post-abortion support, aiming to equip participants with the necessary skills and empathy to effectively assist clients. Through interactive sessions, participants will explore the diverse experiences of clients throughout pregnancy and post-abortion stages, emphasising the importance of understanding each person’s unique context and story. The curriculum also introduces frameworks and values essential for providing sensitive and inclusive care, addressing topics such as grief and loss with compassion. Moreover, participants will learn the significance of employing inclusive language and how to navigate conversations about contraception post-abortion. With a focus on practical skills development, this training ensures participants are proficient in communication and support provision, enabling them to make a positive difference in clients’ lives.

On completion of this workshop, you will: 

  • Gain understanding and empathy towards clients’ experiences throughout pregnancy and post-abortion stages.
  • Implement frameworks and values crucial for providing sensitive and inclusive post-abortion care
  • Have knowledge of the common responses people may experience post-abortion
  • Be aware of and adapt language which is inclusive and non-judgmental
  • Feel confident to practice compassionate abortion care with clients directly.
  • Develop practical skills in communication and support.

Note: While an intersectional lens has been embedded across this training, there is also a section of our online module which further explains intersectionality and its relationship to reproductive rights.  It is assumed that everyone attending CbyC training has completed the short online information module before commencing the training.

Workshop aims

The workshop aims to empower participants with comprehensive skills and empathy for providing sensitive and inclusive post-abortion support

Workshop structure

This workshop is run online for over four hours. There will be plenty of breaks and time for discussions and activities throughout the training. It is expected that participants will have their cameras on throughout the training.

Time and assessment

This workshop will take approximately 4 hours, and it is estimated that the online module will take under 60 minutes to complete.

On completion of this workshop, a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

Target audience

This workshop is for anyone who has or is working in the human services and community services sector and who has either completed an introduction to abortion and pregnancy options or who has extensive knowledge of sexual and reproductive health. It is appropriate for social workers, community workers, nurses, GPs and support workers.

Each delivery is capped at 25 participants. Minimum numbers apply in order for the scheduled training to proceed. We also have several scholarship positions for the training. To apply for a scholarship please complete the EOI form on this link and attach a letter of support from your employer or supervisor.

Prerequisite knowledge

Completion of ‘Introduction to Abortion and Pregnancy Options’ and ‘Introduction to RCA’.

Participants are required to have a strong understanding of violence against women, primary prevention and the causes/drivers of violence against women as this content will not be covered in the workshop. Participants are also expected to be familiar with the concept of intersectionality.

Other enquiries: [email protected]


Up to 25 people


Social workers, community workers, nurses, GPs and support workers.




$40 - $65 AUD + BF

Frequently Asked Questions

Training scholarships

Yes we do!

Children by Choice are excited to announce a sponsorship opportunity for health professionals to access training scholarships.

To apply, you must meet at least one of the below criteria:

– First Nations
– Regional, rural or remote QLD location
– A person with a disability
– Migrant or refugee background
– Financial pressure

Complete the form here to apply for one of our training scholarships –